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Massage Therapy






Elizabeth Dickinson

S.N.H.S Dip

Qualified Therapist

In todays society we have alot of pressure to do well in work and in our relationships. We dont have time to relax and take a breather, this all adds up to alot of tension, that just keeps building. This can lead to feeling tired, stressed and also has the potential to make us ill.

My name is Elizabeth Dickinson and I am happily married with three children.


Holistic massage is one of the most natural  ways of achieving total relaxation and can give you a lovely feeling of well being. Massage is the ideal way to effectively release the buildup of tension in your muscles, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. They can help us feel more peaceful and balanced - and ready to handle the stress of modern living. Holistic Massage has been practised for many years and by many cultures.


The Indian Face Massage is relaxing and with regular treatments can give you  younger, better looking skin without having plastic surgery. 

The Indian Head Massage relaxing, relieves tension, helps disperse toxins and enhances feelings of wellbeing !

Hot Stone Therapy improves circulation, relieves insomnia, helps lower high blood pressure, increases energy levels and also relaxes the body !I'


The aim of all my therapies is to make my client feel calm relaxed and reduce stress ! Please continue and read through my website pages to find out more about the therapies, benefits and prices !!

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pure relaxation !
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