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                              Indian Face Massage - Benefits
Natural face lift without surgery
Relieves stress
Helps relieve sinusitis
Keeps lymphatic system flowing freely
Relieves tension
Enhances feeling of wellbeing
Increases blood flow to muscles
Indian Head Massage - Benefits
Aids relaxation
Helps relieve sinusitis
Relieve migraines/headaches
Helps Insomnia
Mandibular joint tension
(caused by grinding teeth)
Enhances feeling of wellbeing
Relieves stress
Hot Stone Therapy - Benefits
Improvement of skin elasticity
Lowering of high blood pressure
Improves circulation
Kick starts immune system
Balances digestive/waste symtoms
Relieves Insomnia
Improves muscle suppleness and strength
More effective respiration
Relaxes the body
Increases energy levels
Reduces water retention/swelling
Helps stiff overworked joints
Foot spa and massage - Benefits
Relieves tired aching feet


                                          Arm and Hand Massage

                           ( with warming mask as extra )
                 Also available pamper parties for all occasions
                                        Tel - 01282860466 
Mob - 07817596876
pure relaxation !
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